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Manufactured in accordance with the provisions of Directive 89/686 / EEC on personal protective equipment and meets the requirements of the quality assurance system ISO 9001: 2008.

Classi fi cation: Category 3: to protect against fatal risks or serious and irreversible damage to health.
Protection class: FFP3 NR D tested according to EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009
Product description: Foldable, stable respirator mask with easily modelable nose piece. The outside is made of water-repellent polypropylene fleece, the filter medium is made of special microfiber fleece manufactured using the “meltblown process”, the inside is made of physiologically harmless soft fleece, welded together using the ultrasound process.
Material: Outside: liquid-repellent non-woven fabric made of polypropylene. Inside: soft non-woven fabric made of polypropylene, skin-friendly, allergy-free. Filter medium: microfiber fleece, manufactured using the meltblown process. Elastic band: synthetic, latex-free. Nose clip: polypropylene coated iron wire, color coding: blue for FFP3D mask. Valve: membrane made of synthetic rubber coated with polypropylene

Product performance:
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Passage of the filter sodium chloride test 95 l / min max. 1% 0.48%
Para ffi nölprüfung 95 l / min max. 1% 0.56%
Breathing resistance (mbar) inhalation 30 l / min max. 1.0 0.46
Inhalation 95 l / min max. 3.0 1.87
Exhalation 160 l / min max. 3.0 1.25
Quality: All materials used are free of irritants.
Dermatological tolerance: No intolerance reactions.
Areas of application: This fi ltering respirator FFP3 NR D is approved against solid dusts and liquid aerosols in accordance with EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009. It may be used to protect against harmful, less toxic substances that can occur up to 30 times the occupational exposure limit.
Areas of application: Textile industry, steelworks, underground, woodwork, metalworking industry, hospitals, chemical and biological laboratories, pharmaceutical industry, disposal of toxic waste, battery manufacture.

Protection against harmful, less toxic substances up to 30 times the occupational exposure limit (AGW). This breathing mask with exhalation valve from our comfort series has excellent test results.
Comfortable flat design enables quick and easy handling.
Excellent test results guarantee reliable protection.
Minimal breathing resistance ensures maximum comfort.
Additional Dolomite test ensures more fresh air under the mask.
Latex-free material prevents allergic reactions.
Flexible nose piece ensures a perfect fit.
Color coding for quick recognition of the protection level.
Liquid-repellent material increases protection against aqueous solutions.
All-round strapping makes it easier to put on and take off the mask and distributes the pressure evenly.
Hygienic individual packaging prevents contamination before use.
Exhalation valve prevents heat build-up.




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